Accidentally Formatted Drive Recovery:

"I formatted my computer hard disk drive by mistake. What should I do now?", "A wrong drive got formatted while I was trying to format a HDD on my system. Can someone help me to come out of this problem?" and similar kind of questions are posed by different computer users when they end up formatting a wrong HDD on their system. Most Windows users often commit this mistake by hitting "Format" option on their computer. Due to this silly mistake these users lose all their crucial data from that particular drive. The most astonishing thing is that even after formatting the drive these crucial data can be got back. Yes! It is indeed possible to retrieve formatted hard drive data. This is possible if and only if the formatted drive data is not overwritten with the new data. In case the drive data is already overwritten with some new data then it is certainly not possible to restore the lost data. But soon after formatting if the user stops using the system and does not overwrite the data with some new files and folders then by using a powerful recovery application such as undo format he can get back the washed out data from the formatted drive. If you too formatted your computer disk drive by mistake then simply employ this application and perform accidentally formatted drive recovery within seconds. With the help of this application you can not only recover data from formatted hard drive but you can also recover formatted MicroSD card data with ease.

What actually happens when the computer system hard drive is formatted?

When the hard drive is formatted by mistake the data stored on it will not get erased from it permanently. The drive is just quick formatted by making use of "Format" option. So the pointer which is meant for addressing the data is deleted in this case where as the data still remains intact on the drive. Due to this pointer deletion the Operating system will fail in identifying or recognizing the data and that is how data is temporarily lost. But any data that is temporarily lost after quick formatting the hard drive can be restored. To know how to recover data after quick formatting a hard drive you just have to log on to

How Undo format is the best option?

Undo format will help you to carry out accidentally formatted drive recovery rapidly without any trouble. You can also recover data from accidentally formatted external hard drive with the help of this tool. Any file type such as MP3, MP4, MOV, PST or JPG which is lost after formatting hard disk drive accidentally can be easily got back using this application. Formatted SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE drives can be safely recovered by using this software. You can make use of this program to get back data from reformatted hard drive or external hard drive like Seagate, Western Digital and Iomega brands. It surely supports different Windows computers such as Windows XP, Vista, server and Win 8. If you are a Windows 7 user and recently lost all your precious data by formatting the disk drive on your system then click on to learn about the formatted drive recovery process.

How to perform accidentally formatted drive recovery?

Step-1: Download the software and then install it on your computer. After launching the tool, you will get the main screen from which you have to select Recover Drives option and then you must select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option from the next screen.

Accidentally Formatted Drive Recovery - Main Screen

Step-2: As soon as you select the formatted / reformatted recovery option the software will ask you to choose the formatted drive. As soon as you choose the drive scanning process will begin.

Accidentally Formatted Drive Recovery - Drive Selection Screen

Step-3: Later when the scanning and unformatting operation gets over, you can preview the retrieved drive data.

Accidentally Formatted Drive Recovery - Preview Screen

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