Formatted MicroSD Card Recovery

At some or the other point of time in the lifetime we come across a situation where we end up formatting our MicroSD card accidentally. This is the most commonly observed condition where most of us commit a silly mistake of accidentally formatting a MicroSD card and lose crucial data from it. This is very common problem with a definite solution. Yes, though it seems impossible to get back the data after formatting MicroSD card it is not so in reality. In reality it is quite easy to perform MicroSD card recovery after formatting. You may or may not believe it but this is a complete truth. Here is a perfect solution with the help of which it is absolutely feasible to recover data from a formatted MicroSD card. Yes, you read it right. To unformat your MicroSD card and to recover data from it you simply need to use undo format tool which is quite recommended by many industry experts. It is true that after formatting the data from MicroSD card is lost. But it is definitely not true that this type of loss is permanent. Once the MicroSD card is formatted the data is washed off but it is only a temporary loss. Therefore it is absolutely possible to restore data from a formatted MicroSD card.

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After formatting what actually happens is the data on the memory card gets dereferenced. The pointers which were meant to address a particular data get removed which results in the dereferencing of the data. When such incident takes place the data on the memory card becomes invisible due to which the user fails in recognizing the data on the card. But in this case data just gets hidden and is not kicked out from the card after the complete format process. This makes the way to recover back data from the formatted MicroSD card. If you have come across a situation where you have formatted your entire MicroSD card by mistake then you need not panic. By using this software you can very easily get back the data lost due to accidental formatting of the memory card. This amazing application can be used to recover data from formatted hard drive on Windows 8 based computer / laptop. You can easily rescue hard drive files after reinstalling Windows of all version like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc using this program.

Not only under scenarios where we format our memory card accidentally but also under some scenarios where we intentionally format our MicroSD card, we can make use of this software. Sometimes due to corruption of MicroSD card we are forced to format it intentionally. In such condition this application comes into the picture to rescue data after intentional formatting. Not only memory cards but this software is also capable of unformatting USB drives. If you want to unformat USB drive after intentional formatting then you can definitely try this application. Along with recovering data from external storage devices, the app is intelligent enough to retrieve data from PC hard drive or partitions successfully. For more details regarding how to get back data from formatted C Drive, click here:

You can run this software on different Windows computers such as Win XP, Vista, server, Windows 7. If you own a SD card from which you have lost your important data after accidental formatting then visit to know how to restore data from a formatted SD card.

Know how to perform MicroSD Card Recovery after Formatting-

Step-1: Download the software and install it on your computer. After launching the software, you will get the home page. Select Recover Partitions / Drives from this screen.

MicroSD Card Recovery after Formatting - Main Screen

Step-2: Then select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery to unformat MicroSD card

MicroSD Card Recovery after Formatting - Second Screen

Step-3: In the third screen you need to select your MicroSD card and move a step ahead. Once you do this the scanning process will begin.

MicroSD Card Recovery after Formatting - Scanning Process

Step-4: Once the process gets completed you can preview the recovered data and then you can save the recovery session. Finally you can save the recovered data on your computer.

MicroSD Card Recovery after Formatting - Save Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users