Undo formatting in Windows 7

Windows 7 Operating System was developed, launched and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows 7 has been crafted with rich application performance, crystal clear graphics and many more advantageous features as compared to the previous versions of Windows such as Windows service pack 3, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. Daily usage of computer will increase the amount of essential data and information that are accommodated in the system’s logical device.

As there is regular usage of computers in our daily life with the steady growth of technology, there are also situations where we get some fatal errors displayed on our screen or come across some accidental errors. Have you ever come across errors that pops-up into your operating system’s screen stating messages like unformatted drive or format now, when you attempt or try to access your computer’s logical storage device i.e. HDD or even when you plug in external storage medium such as pen drive, flash drive, memory cards, SD cards etc. At that time we are left with no option other than forcibly performing format option. Now common people believe that once hard disk drive is formatted all data and files that were stored within it gets lost permanently. You must be glad to know that now restore all the lost folders and documents that were important to you back to your Windows 7 Operating System using this unformat software for your Windows. You may perform formatting either using high-level formatting or low-level formatting. Generally we perform high-level formatting such as “Quick Format” operation. Have you ever thought if ever you perform a quick format operation then how to undo a quick format operation on your Windows HDD?

To help you understand the different reasons behind the formatting issues, this article gives a clear idea on formatting scenarios.

Few common scenarios where we may need to perform undo format Windows 7 operation are-

  • Accidental formatting of HDD while trying to install some other OS on the same computer- Generally techies and engineering students often are in need of more than one OS in a single computer to perform different tasks and programming. So, while attempting to install a new OS while there already exists a different OS often we go wrong with the partition issue and this results in the loss of important files which can be documents, excel sheets, media files, pictures etc.Visit this page to know how to recover data from formatted PC: https://www.undoformat.com/recover-data-from-pc.html
  • Faulty attempt to shrink / expand space- Another issue of formatting may take place while trying to shrink or extend space of particular partition by making use of Disk Management Tool. Once you hit the download button and launch this recovery program on your Windows 7 OS you no more need to be panic-stricken on how to undo a formatted hard drive? Within fraction of minute you can efficiently carry out the task of Undo format Windows 7 and restore all the lost files along with their file extensions.
  • Reformatting Issues- Sometimes even attempt to reformat hard disk drive without keeping data backup of all the important files and documents lead to severe data loss. Even inappropriate method of hard drive reformatting damages precious folders.
  • MS-DOS Commands- Using MS-DOS command like “Format” can entirely clean up the hard disk data, external storage medium data from pen drives, USB drives, memory cards, XD cards, SD cards etc.
  • There are some other reasons like-
    1. Popping up of error message stating “HDD not recognized and needs to be formatted”.
    2. Formatting an inaccurate partition or drive.
    3. Suspicious virus / malware / spyware infection and many more.

Benefits of using this recovery wizard-

  • This amazing software supports recovery of more than 300 different types of file along with their digital signatures.
  • It also retrieves data from hard drive when Windows MBR gets corrupted.
  • Using this tool user can even recover data from formatted USB drive with utmost ease. It supports all famous brands of USB drive such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP, Sony etc. Refer this given site www.undoformat.com/usb-drive.html to recollect more information about formatted USB drive recovery.
  • In addition to undo disk format windows 7, the softwrae can recover data from different versions of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, and the most recent one Windows 10. Visit the following page to learn more about formatted data recovery from Windows 10: https://www.undoformat.com/restore-formatted-hard-drive-data-on-windows-10.html
  • It also has the feature to create disk images of hard disc drive thereby undelete data from deleted or lost partition.
  • User no more need to Google on how to undo a formatted SD card, as this utility supports micro SD card, mini SD card lost file and data restoration too.

Learn how to undo format Windows 7-

This topic describes the installation steps along with the screen shots of the software briefly, thereby acts as a guideline to the user.

Step-1: Download the software to undo format and install on your computer. After launching the software, you will get the home page of the recovery tool. Select Recover Partitions / Drives and then select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery.

Undo Format- Main Screen

Step-2: In the next screen user needs to select the Windows 7 HDD that he wants to unformat.

Undo Format - Select Drive

Step-3: You will get the display of all the drives on the operating system, select the appropriate drive and scan. After scanning the whole drive, it displays the identified files. Preview the files and restore.

Undo Format - View Recovered Files

Does and Don’ts after formatting in Windows 7-

When you format hard drive or any external storage medium on Windows 7, it is advised to maintain backup all the important files and folders so as to prevent your files from getting lost.

Even though, if you do not have backing files, you still have chances to restore data from formatted hard drive by using Restore Formatted Hard Drive software.

Irrespective of the cause, whenever you face loss of data, instead of making ridiculous mistakes think of using data recovery tool. It will help you to restore your lost or deleted data before overwriting the hard drive. This tool scans the entire hard disk drive from which the file is lost and restores with the help of file signatures.