Does Formatting Erase Data??

There is a great misconception among the users that if they format their storage drives, then all the stored data will be deleted forever. But, this is not the true. Fact is formatting only removes the entry of data from the index of file system and mark the occupied place in index as available. This gives an illusion to the users that drive is empty, all the data is gone from it. But stored data continue to exist there and goes forever until you store new data on that particular drive. Once you keep new data on it, old one will be replaced by new data and old files will be erased. If you have questions like does formatting erase data? or is formatting hard drive is best way to abolish sensitive data from it? Then the right answer of this question is "NO". If you want to permanently delete data from your hard drive then formatting is not safe way, you should use a specialized tool which can abolish crucial data beyond recovery.

Before we proceed, let me clarify you that there are many occasions where you need to permanently delete data from hard drive or other storage drive. One of those is of course security, if there is some extremely useless yet confidential data on your hard drive whose revelation really could create a disaster for you, then, this is the situation where you should use an application that can completely wipe out data form your hard drive.

Another scenario where you need to permanently delete data from hard drive is when you are selling or handing over your hard drive to a third person. Suppose you sold your hard drive to a person simply deleting your private data then it cannot be denied with the fact that one can easily recover your private data. If this happens with you then your security and privacy might be at stake. Thus to avoid such type of miserable situation you should always wipe out your hard drive before selling it or handing over to some others.

When you type a query in the Google search bar, tool to erase data from hard drive then you will be served with plethora of tools claiming to permanently delete data from your hard drive. But, Remo MORE, which is recently launched, is a very unique application that is developed with aim to permanently shred data from storage medium. It has tuned with standard shredding algorithm defined by industry standards. MORE has become buzz word in the software industry and has got much appreciation in a very short while. You can wipe hard drive, external hard drive, SD card and different types of memory card within a fraction of second with this utility. Its highly attractive user interface gives it a special dimension of identity among the users across the length and width of globe.


Steps to perform for erase data from hard drive

  1. Download and install free version of Remo MORE. Launch the tool and select Manage option from main screen and then from next screen choose Data Wipe option as shown in the figure below.
  2. Does Formatting Erase Data - Select Data Wipe

    Fig 1: Select Data Wipe

  3. As soon as you click on data wipe option a new window will appear. From this screen select Erase Hard Drive/ Partition option as shown in the figure 2.
  4. Does Formatting Erase Data - Erase Hard Drive/ Partition

    Fig 2: Erase Hard Drive/ Partition

  5. Then from next screen select Drive which you want to permanently wipe. After selection of drive click on Erase button to proceed as shown in the figure 3.
  6. Does Formatting Erase Data - Select Drive

    Fig 3: Select Drive

  7. Choose the wiping method from this screen then click on Proceed option..
  8. Does Formatting Erase Data - Select Yes and Click on Proceed

    Fig 4: Select Yes and Click on Proceed