Best Duplicate Audio File Remover

If you are experiencing problem on your system due to presence of duplicate audio files, then you have come at right place. Here you will come to know how to find and delete duplicate audio files in just few clicks of mouse. Generally duplicate audio files are created on your system due to saving the audio files in same folders with same name. If you are a fond of music and love to make collection of music, then presence of duplicate audio files can make you disturbed. But, fortunately there is a tool which can easily find and remove duplicate music files from your system in just a matter of seconds. This tool is none other than Remo MORE. MORE suite comes up with advanced search algorithms that scans your entire computer and lists out all the duplicate songs present on your system thereby allowing you to deleted duplicate audio files from it.

Problems caused by duplicate audio files?

There are lots of problem with presence of duplicate audio files on your system. If there are a lot of duplicate music files present on your system, then it wastes your memory space and slow downs the performance of system. Apart from this, accumulation duplicate music file can also lead to confusion for users when they try to access original audio file. Hence, you should remove duplicate music files from your computer to get rid of this problem.

How to delete duplicate audio files?

After having many duplicate audio files on your system if you are planning how to clean duplicate songs, then there are basically two ways by using which you can achieve it. First way to get rid of duplicate files from computer is deleting all duplicate songs manually one by one. This is a bit cumbersome and time consuming process. Other way of deleting duplicate audio file is by making use of duplicate audio file remover such as Remo MORE that can automatically find and delete duplicate files with ease.

Why Remo MORE to remove duplicate music files?

Wouldn’t it be nice to delete all the duplicate audio files in just a few simple click of mouse? Remo MORE is such application by making use of which you can easily and effectively delete all the duplicate files from your system within a matter of seconds. This application is developed with a robust algorithm that plays an important role in scanning and finding duplicate music file on your system. One of the most amazing feature of this tool is that it gives you list of all the duplicate audio files, and you can easily delete duplicate audio files from it. Thus, there is no chance of data loss from your system. Remo MORE can also be used on customized based on the requirement to find duplicate files of different types that includes images, video and document file types. It comes with a nice user interface which assists users by giving step by step guide on how to remove duplicate music files with respective screen shots.

Remo MORE is completely free of cost and you can get it from internet within a fraction of seconds. If you want to delete duplicate audio files on your computer then do not hesitate to make use of Remo MORE. It has been appreciated by many software veterans and considered as the best duplicate audio file remover in the world.

Guide on how to clean duplicate songs from system:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on your computer and then launch the tool. Select Optimize option and then select Remove Duplicates option to delete multiple music files as shown in figure 1.

Delete Duplicate Audio Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, from next screen choose “Find Duplicate - Folder” option as shown in figure 2.

Delete Duplicate Audio Files - Select Find Duplicate - Folder

Figure 2: Select Find Duplicate - Folder

Step 3: From this screen, choose the folder from which you want to search duplicate audio files by clicking on “Add Folders” as shown in figure 2 and then choose the audio file type from next screen.

Delete Duplicate Audio Files - Select Add Folders

Figure 3: Select Add Folders

Step 4:As soon as you will select folder and click on Proceed button, Remo MORE will start scanning your folder and at last it will show you list of duplicate audio files from which you can delete as shown in figure 3.

Delete Duplicate Audio Files - Duplicate Music Files Deleted

Figure 4: Duplicate Music Files Deleted