Software to Defrag Windows Hard Drive

Windows computers are being widely used among various users across the globe as they provide simple to use, user friendly interface and many other useful features. Over the time of its usage, always you keep storing more and more amount of data onto your Windows hard disk and also you may rename files or keep changing its storage location by moving them among different folders. As a result of which all the files dwelling on the hard disk of your Windows PC becomes fragmented with each change and the information gets stored on the non continuous sectors of the hard drive rather than being saved in one contiguous memory block. After a while, this can lead to slight degradation in the performance of your Windows computer and it would slow down the access times of the applications to respond which means your PC starts working slowly.

However, you can optimize the speed of your Windows computer by defragmenting the hard disk. Drive defragmentation is a process which helps in reorganizing the data on a hard disk in order to improve data access times. Whenever a file get stored, deleted and changed, the file attributes will get split or fragmented on your computer’s drive space, which slows down your PC. Thus, you need to defrag your Windows hard drive to get things up to boost the system’s performance once again up to 100%. While defragging a hard drive, you will rearrange the entire drive so that all the files related to a desired program or tasks are located close together in a continuous storage space.

Is your Windows hard disk messed up with a lot of fragmented files? Are you wondering about a tool which can defrag Windows computer and make it to run faster like before? If yes, then fortunately you have arrived at the right place. Here you will find out a reliable tool i.e. Remo MORE that helps in defragging a hard drive of Windows based computers and laptops easily and quickly with utmost accuracy.

Before we move forward and see more about MORE suit, let us have a quick glimpse on the situations where we need to perform Windows drive defragmentation.

  • After re-installation or installation of operating system.
  • Defragging the Windows hard drive after performing format operation.
  • If you come across chkdsk error, even then you need to defrag your hard drive.
  • When your Windows computer is slow in accessing programs, then drive defragmentation must be done.
  • After rebooting of your computer, disk defrag must be performed.

It really doesn’t matters why the Windows hard drive is to be defragmented. All that matters is whether your PC is running as per your requirement and you make out best out of it. In all the above cases, you can make use of our Remo MORE toolkit to defrag Windows computer and make it work with top performance. At a click of a mouse button, MORE utility will quickly defrag files on your Windows hard drive and consolidate the free memory space in order to ensure the highest data accessed possible. Remo MORE software is a professional Windows hard drive defragmenter that searches for all the scattered fragments of data on a Windows hard disk and efficiently reorganizes them to occupy contiguous storage sectors. You can employ Remo MORE software to defrag hard disk on all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Note: For optimal performance and improved data access speed, one should regularly perform disk defragmentation on your Windows PC.

Steps on how to defrag hard drive using MORE:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE toolkit on the hard disk of your Windows PC. Run the tool by double clicking on the shortcut icon and select “Manage” option from the home window. Then, select “Drive Defrag” option as depicted in Image 1.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Home Screen

Step2: Choose the drive that you want to defrag and tap on “Analyze” button. The software will start analyzing the drive in order to find the fragmentation level as depicted in Image 2.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Analyzing Screen

Step3: On completion of drive analyzing process, you will be able to see the detailed report on the level of fragmented data. You can click on “Click here to see the report” in order to see the report as depicted in Image 3.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Detailed Analysis Complete

Step4: Now, hit on “Next” tab to choose the method of defragmentation i.e. Quick Defragmentation Mode and Deep Defragmentation Mode as depicted in Image 4. From the next screen, choose Defrag Full Drive or select particular file types that you want to defrag.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Select Defragmentation Method

Step5: Once done with the drive defragmentation process, hit on “Next” button to analyze the drive again to see the difference in the drive after defragmentation as depicted in Image 5. Then click on Finish button.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Defragmentation complete