Restore Hard Disk Files after Reinstalling OS

Many people prefer to use Windows system over Mac across the globe because of its outstanding features that make them work in comfortable zone. It has simple interface so that anybody can work on this OS. If you keep on using Windows system from longer period without updating to the new version or you face frequent OS crash, or system hangs due to viruses then it is better to reinstall an operating system. Usually when you reinstall Windows, documents and settings will be reinitialized and the files in that folder will be deleted.

Was that deleted file and folder important for your business? If yes what's next? Are you searching for a best way to recover data from hard drive after reinstalling Windows? If yes then need not worry as you have come to the safest place where you can find exact solution to your query. Undo Format is a fabulous tool introduced in this article. Here I have explained users how undo format toolkit can perform hard drive recovery after reinstalling Windows OS and its other superb features.

Purpose for reinstallation of Windows:

  • MBR Corruption: MBR is an acronym of Master Boot Record, this MBR is partition schema mainly used to hold information regarding loading or boot of operating system. If the MBR gets corrupted due to any reason then computer will not boot. As a result in such case you need to reinstall your operating system.
  • Hard Drive Crash: Due to improper usage, overheating of system, long usage or too many bad sectors in system, your PC may turn blue while working on task. In such case, you might choose to reinstall new OS.
  • Virus Invasion: Due to harmful viruses, your system starts to hang each time when you try to add new data or reduced system performance. To increase computer speed or system performance reinstallation is carried out.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always maintain backup of important files and folders before reinstalling any operating system
  • Do not try to reinstall, reformat or repartition until you are not aware of these tasks
  • Do not add any new data to formatted or reinstalled OS unless you perform data recovery. If you keep storing new data on your computer then possibilities are high that you may lose the chance to restore files after reinstalling Windows.

Even though taking all precautionary methods if you face data loss then do not panic. Just make use of undo format software. This toolkit can effectively retrieve HDD data after reinstalling Windows in an effective manner. This application has inbuilt robust scanning engine that scans the entire system to rescue all type of data such as images, audio, video, document, etc. within fraction of seconds.

Excellent features of undo format software:

  • Undo Format software is simple yet effective application that can rescue hard drive files after reinstalling Windows safely and quickly without losing single file as it is hassle free.
  • This proficient tool can Unformat Windows 7 OS, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2003 including recent version i.e. Windows 8 as well within few moments.
  • Using this restoration utility, you can efficiently restore data deleted or lost from the external storage devices like memory cards of digital camera, mobile phones, USB devices such as memory stick, pen drive, flash drive, thumb drive, etc.
  • By employing Unformat Wizard, you can easily recover data from formatted Mac hard drive.
  • This application is designed with simple interface so that even a non technical user can recover data from hard drive after reinstalling windows with great ease.
  • You can make use of demo version which is available free of cost to know in detail about recovery procedure.

Steps to rescue hard drive files after reinstalling Windows:

Step-1: Download & install this application on your computer. After launching it, select "Recover Drives" option from main screen.

Recover Data from Hard Drive after Reinstalling Windows - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main screen

Step-2: In this step, you have to click on "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to recover data from Windows after reinstallation.

Recover Data from Hard Drive after Reinstalling Windows - Recovery Mode

Figure 1: Recovery Mode

Step-3: Now, choose the drive from which you need to recover data and click on "Next" to proceed with scanning.

Recover Data from Hard Drive after Reinstalling Windows - Select Drive

Figure 1: Select Drive

Step-4: After completion of scanning, all recovered data will be shown in a list and you can preview them before you save.

Recover Data from Hard Drive after Reinstalling Windows - Preview

Figure 1: Preview

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