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Hard Disc Drives are secondary storage devices on our computer. Hard drives can be of the type SATA, SCSI, SSD and IDE. With the advent of technology now there are also bulky external hard disc with huge storage capacity. These external storage media can accommodate files up to size of 2TB and also have great speed. Computer users mainly depend only on internal and external logical hard drives to store and save important data. We store pictures, archives, media files, word documents, presentations, psd documents, scanned documents and even personal emails into system’s logical device.

Formatting basically result into wiping of valuable data. Most of the computer users must have come across such disastrous consequence of formatting a HDD especially when they do not maintain a backup of all the important files that were stored in that particular formatted hard drive. It is very tough indeed to imagine such situation as formatting a hard disk means wiping out of entire data that were accommodated in it. Formatting of hard disk drive generally take place either unknowingly or unintentionally. Sometimes formatting a HDD becomes mandatory for us as we forcibly have to format it in order to get rid of viruses, malware and spyware. I would like to know in case you formatted your HDD unawarely then how do you undo a format? How will you restore back the lost files and folders?

Well, common people have a false concept that once they perform a format operation on their Windows and Mac OS, it is impossible to retrieve back the files that vanished into ether as they are lost forever. But, you must be glad to know that, actually these missing data are still present on your system and only the file address of the respective folder are lost. Fortunately, you are lucky enough as now you can easily rescue all the lost files using this wonderful unformat tool for hard disc drive. We shall take a glance at a scenario where user forcibly had to format his hard disc drive as it was infected by suspicious malwares and worms. The key point is now user wants to rescue all the lost files after formatting. Can you undo a quick format? Yes, it is possible now to retrieve files with their digital signatures by thorough scanning.

Scenarios of formatting a hard drive-

  1. Generally user sometimes opts to format a hard drive to change the file system like from FAT to NTFS for proper and advanced data management purpose. This hard drive recovery has been crafted by professional to retrieve data lost after formatting. This product can be used by both Windows and Mac users as it is available in the market in two different packages.
  2. Second reason behind formatting can be virus or malware infection from internet or due to excessive use of unsecure third party application on their local machines. These worms and spywares corrupt the file system and thereby make the file inaccessible and hence it refuses to mount when clicked repeatedly.
  3. Apart from the above two mentioned points, there can be another reason like reinstallation of our Operating System. Re-installation of OS results into huge loss of files and folders. We need to format the hard disc drive before re-installing of new OS. Suppose now user want to install Windows 8 on their laptop. So he must perform the format operation on his Windows 7 HDD. Later user realizes that his laptop does not support Windows 8. This application stands excellently to solve such type of issues thereby it can unformat Windows 7 formatted HDD.
  4. MBR is a part of hard drive used for proper booting of an operating system. If MBR is corrupted, booting fails and your OS will not be loaded. Without OS, you won’t be having the interface between user and hard disk. In such case, you need to format your hard drive. After format, you will lose all your files which can be recovered using Format Recovery tool.

Why to use this magical program to undo formatting of hard drive-

Industry experts have designed this simple unformat utility with user-friendly user interface so that even people with low knowledge on technology can use this program with great ease. Users do not have to search for software to undo formatting in SD card as this toolkit efficiently resolves such complicated issues. Also, pictures from other formatted memory card types like Micro SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC, CF, xD card, etc.can be recovered using this software. Track the given link for complete knowledge http://www.undoformat.com/recover-files-from-formatted-sdhc-card.html. This program’s trial version can be downloaded from the internet free of cost. By previewing the restored file type one can evaluate the probability of recovery and they can later purchase the licensed version of the toolkit to save the unformatted data and files from hard drive of Windows and Mac computers. However, if you have formatted hard drive of your Windows 8 computer, then just click the given link: http://www.undoformat.com/recover-data-from-formatted-hard-drive-windows-8.html.

How to undo format on HDD?

Step-1: Download the software to undo format and install on your computer. After launching the software, you will get the home page of the recovery tool. Select Recover Partitions / Drives and then select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery.

Undo Format- Main Screen

Step-2: In case you have lost files while attempting to re-format your HDD, then in the second screen you need to hit the "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" to restore the missing files back and proceed ahead.

Undo Format - Second Screen

Step-3: In the third screen you need to select the particular reformatted drive and move a step ahead. After a thorough scan runs it displays the restored drives.

Undo Format - Found Drives

Step-4: Later after the unformatting operation gets over, user can preview the retrieved drives and folder in it and save the recovery session.

Undo Format - Preview

Prevention Measures-

When you format hard drive, you will lose entire data on that drive, no matter which format method you apply. Therefore, it is very important to take regular back up of all your important files. Even though, if you do not have backing files, you still have chances to restore data from formatted hard drive by using Restore Formatted Hard Drive software.

Irrespective of the cause, whenever you face loss of data, instead of making ridiculous mistakes think of using data recovery tool. It will help you to restore your lost or deleted data before overwriting the hard drive. This tool scans the entire hard disk drive from which the file is lost and restores with the help of file signatures.

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